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Posted January 3, 2017 at 1:23 pm
Vote for me at TWC and you can see a finished panel I really like from tomorrow's page! Sorry, it took me forever to get this up because I've been distracted all morning by dicking around with the coloring for tomorrow's page. As much as I'd like to say I really know how color works, there are so many gaps in my knowledge. Some artists are so good at working with bright, saturated colors, and that is just...not something I get. Usually to do that, you really have to work in a pretty limited palette or else everything you draw comes out looking like a circus clown, but tomorrow's page involves a group shot...Eight characters with totally disparate color schemes work better desaturated :|. Oh well, I'll get the hang of all this stuff eventually. So, as far as this page goes, page 100 was Connie, so it seems appropriate that page 200 is also Connie! I would say that I planned it, buuuut I didn't. Just an odd coincidence. This page should also confirm a couple things and give you a lot of questions, so that's fun! If you skip back to the last page of chapter 3, you can see that this room looked a lot different. Now, all her plants are dead and it's looking a little rough around the edges. I don't want to give too much away for Connie's character, because we'll dive into her deal in chapter 8 for the most part, but I will say that she's not a villain the way you'd normally think of a villain. She's not the over-the-top Disney villain, or the comic book bad guy bent on world domination. She's a narcissist. Connie is looking out for number one, and other people are collateral. The reason this room looked so nice in chapter three is because she wanted it to look that way. Keeping those plants alive might have used up energy she didn't have to waste, but she wanted it to look that way, so the energy can come from somewhere else and she'll get what she wants until her wants collide with reality. She's not evil, necessarily. She's not even really the villain. Connie is a catalyst for most of the storylines of most of these characters, but only because she's crafting a reality that suits her wants first and foremost. Soooo, think on that, I guess. Whoever you think she is, she's more complicated than that. Or more simple, depending. I've been looking into making merchandise! In fact, I spent most of yesterday doing that instead of drawing next week's pages like I was supposed to, because my weird anxiety brain gets hung up on one thing and won't rest until I'm relatively satisfied that I've researched the shit out of it. It's not a great method. Anyway, the amount of ways to make passive income from this comic is fascinating to me. There's all these companies where you just upload your artwork and they'll produce and mail out products, on demand, to whoever orders them. I don't have to do anything. That's fucking amazing. The only issue currently is that I don't just wanna slap some artwork up there on a tshirt and expect you guys to buy it just because. I like stylish things and I suppose most people do, too. I'm going to try and make some designs that'll say "I read this weird webcomic about werewolves with anxiety problems, but like, this is also a cool shirt that I feel proud to wear out of the house." In the meantime, I'll probably slap the image I made for this chapter's cover with Malaya looking like a bad ass on a couple things, because like, I'd buy a mug with that image on it at least. But yeah, I'm going to try and make some cool, wearable art...right after I finish all these commissions that keep coming my way lol. Can't complain! I enjoy my extra projects :). I'm probably also going to make some non-HTBAW shirts and stuff as well, mostly because I keep thinking that I'd like some LGBT-related apparel that doesn't have like, giant fucking rainbows on it. Not that I don't like rainbows, but I'd much rather wear something that's a bit more subtle. I'm thinking some cheesy, hipster-y hand lettered designs on a basic tshirt, something I could wear out of the house and most people wouldn't think twice for the most part. Also, I just want a tshirt that says "too queer, too cute" because of reasons. But then I'm gonna have to cover the whole LGBTQAI etc spectrum, so it might take awhile. Let me know if you'd like a hipster-y, super gay shirt. We're going to make these next four years super gay, friends. Because we can.