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Why are you like this?
Posted September 14, 2016 at 1:22 pm
I've been working ahead a bit, so if you want to see a sketch from a panel for next week, go vote for me at Top Web Comics :D. WEREWOLVES. Though, not real ones. Yet. We'll get there. This is the preview! I really enjoy drawing werewolves, so it's good that I'm making a comic about them. Anyway, I'm basing Malaya's reaction here to what I typically deal with when I get an anxiety attack. It's difficult to calm down when your brain gets to that place where you can't fight off the thoughts you don't want to have anymore. The worst part is, me not being a werewolf at all, usually these attacks are over the stupidest things. Like the other week, I was trying to find handles and knobs for my kitchen cabinets, and that became the only thing I could do that day. I was stupidly conflicted over what to choose, if they'd be big enough, if the color was right, if I should go for some antique handles off of ebay, if that would look too pieced together, etc. It was a lot. And I don't think I really chilled out until I finally paid for the ones I decided on the next day. But that's not really that big of a deal! I could have returned them if I hated them! But my brain turned it into a big deal, and I didn't have a lot of recourse to change that. I took a long walk with the dog, but that was about the best I could do. So here, those thoughts that she normally keeps off to the side are finally creeping back in. Deciding how to deal with these pages has been very frustrating! Rewarding, but frustrating. When you're creating something, it's easy to assume that everyone understands what you're trying to get across. You're in the midst of it, so you have an understanding of who's doing what, and what everyone feels, that your audience isn't aware of...so, you have to communicate what's in your brain to your audience in a way that tells them what they need to know. Your audience doesn't need to know everything! Or at least, not right away. But in any form of media, your audience shouldn't be guessing at why stuff happens unless you want them to be guessing. This particular sequence is basically an anxiety attack, but I can't just come out and have Malaya say, "Oh! I think I'm having an anxiety attack because of my pent up emotional trauma over being a werewolf and my insistence on ignoring it completely!" I mean, I could do that. It'd be...very clear, at least. But more effectively, I have to show you what an anxiety attack looks like. Not everyone has them! Or has had them. Or will have them. But it's very hard showing someone fighting their own brain, and it's hard to make that problem have context in a sequence of pages where you get two a week XD. So anyway, I'm posting three pages next week. Or, that is the plan. Because the page for Wednesday next week really works better as two very sparse pages, so it's much better splitting it up. The only problem is now I have to think of another question for the title of the Thursday pages, because originally I was only going to have 5 pages and that fit my title scheme much better. Okay, I'm off to get stuff done before I go to Chinatown tonight and eat pork soup dumplings/xiao long bao and get bubble tea at a new place that opened *_*. I'm like, the worst almost vegetarian ever. I only eat pork when it's in xiao long bao. I don't generally like pork or beef...or really most meat, but I eat it out of necessity when I don't have other options.