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Yes, why would you move to Michigan in the winter?
Posted June 2, 2015 at 12:24 pm
Webcomics are sort of a weird format for telling long, plotty stories. Not bad, just weird. Because in the context of this page, nothing really happens. In the context of the whole story, this page is kind of significant. It's plot and backstory, but you don't see the pay off for awhile, and ultimately said pay off wouldn't be that interesting without this page. Yet nothing really happens. HMM. And I don't believe in telling a story faster than it needs to be told, because really satisfying stories are the ones that take their time. (Unless it's Lord of the Rings, in which case, fuck all that hobbit walking. What the hell, nobody got time for that.) Anyway, this page was a fun challenge, because there's a lot of dialog, but you can't just have people standing around staring at each other while they recite their lines. Usually, that means before I lay everything out, I take a long walk with the dog and go through a lot of set ups in my head til I come up with something that might visually be more interesting. Good thing I put so much time into studying storyboarding for that career I was never able to pursue. Yay! In unrelated news, fuck weather. It's June and I had to turn the heat on in my house and I have a sinus infection. Everything is terrible and global warming can go to hell.