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You have teeth? I also have teeth!
Posted April 11, 2023 at 12:34 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Vincent reacting to ??

Quick note! I'll be at the Hinsdale Library in Hinsdale, IL for their first ever library comic convention on May 13th! If you live in the area, come see me! I have a handful of copies (literally just 5) of the first volume of HTBAW and a buuuunch of floppy issues of the first three chapters. I'll hopefully also be doing a signing at Chicago Comics some time in the summer when the rest of the Kickstarter books are done being distributed and I can get my hands on more copies of the first volume. (I'd get more now, but I want to hold off until the Kickstater backers have gotten theirs, just out of fairness I guess.)

Anyway, Tom's a jerk! I'm trying to make it clear that Tom has a point, and yes he was there first, but given the circumstances, he's also too late to do much about it now I guess. From his perspective, he's very rationally upset that he can't just come back and resume the life he previously had now that Connie is gone, and if he were more flexible and willing to compromise, he'd probably be more welcome. We'll see if he ever calms the fuck down! He's also unwilling to bow to the one authority that keeps all the werewolves from beating the shit out of each other, which I think is both understandable but not helpful lol. (Who doesn't hate bureaucratic authority? Sometimes you gotta deal with it tho.)


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