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You just have to throw the bread very very hard
Posted October 16, 2019 at 12:57 pm

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I'm moving very slowly today lol. I think I went too hard yesterday keeping myself busy, so today, my brain is on autopilot trying to tell me to slow the hell down. Joke's on my brain, I never slow down. Speaking of which, be prepared for a short break in November! Probably the first and second week of the month, I'm not sure, I'll be posting one page each week instead of two. I'm helping a friend move out east :).

Anyway, the bread was a big concern for Ginger, but she overcame that! I had to reference Aubrey diving for it from a baseball pose, which seems to be a thing I do a lot in this comic. Just MMA fights and baseball photos...that makes a werewolf comic.

I know there are various questions that have popped up about ways we could overcome this situation (mainly killing Connie, but you have to find her in all those vines first), and that'll be what we figure out next! There are no solutions and everything is hopeless yaaaaay :D