Well here’s something totally different.

Just like yesterday, I just want everyone to know that I’m out of town! I will be able to read comments, but I probably can’t respond to them, or approve any that need moderation (people who have never posted before end up with this), so I will get to you guys on Friday unless my phone is more capable than I think it is.

ALSO, NEXT WEEK’S PAGES MAY BE DELAYED. PROBABLY WILL BE, ACTUALLY. I won’t be able to work on things till Sunday, and that’s a lot to crank out in two days.

Here’s Connie Greensmith, who…is kind of creepy and connected to Aubrey in some way, and who she calls “mama” for various reasons.

I will apologize for dumping a four panel page on you guys after a million pages with like, 7 and 8 panels each, but this scene needs to slow down for maximum effect. Also, with me being out of town, I needed one page that wouldn’t kill me while I struggled to get everything done ahead of time :D. Coloring a page that’s this dark with such weirdly specific lighting was super fun.