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A bus that likes to bite people
Posted January 10, 2017 at 1:07 pm
Today's voting incentive is some cute magic from tomorrow's page :). This week's pages will finally clear up the mystery around how you get turned into a werewolf! Yay! Because I couldn't really answer before so I didn't spoil too much :D. The weirdest part of this plot device is that I had to get Vincent's shirt off, which makes me feel like kind of a perv, but oh well. I had to look at a lot of shirtless guys for reference, which is very confusing when you're gay. But look! The scratches from chapter two came back around to save the day! Which I always knew they would and I've had to sit on that particular detail for like, two years. It's almost as if writing works that way! Weird! Marisa has no concept of personal space. The reason his shirt is split up the middle is because...she's a nurse. I'm not here to save this dude's shirt, I'm here to save this dude. (I know very little about being a nurse, so I'm going to go with Scrubs as my basis for everything.) In general life news, I have a fucking cold again and the brake lights on my car have become disconnected. YAY. AWESOME. My cold has been going around town, though, so everyone I've talked to has either had it, or has known someone else who's had it...and many of them have gotten sick twice in a row, so that's where I'm at. I pulled a muscle in my chest from coughing too much, and it's still sore. Luckily, I'm generally functional, but I'm going to take the rest of today off and just lay on the couch and watch stupid shit on Netflix and see if that helps me kick this thing a little faster. In "I've watched a lot of TV while working lately" news, I finally started watching Black Mirror at the recommendation of everyone. I don't think I can mentally handle it, honestly. I like the format of the different short stories, but it's a little too anxiety inducing for me. I did skip and watch the San Junipero episode, and now that's kind of burned in my mind. It was really charming, and I'm glad I watched it! It seems the internet has decided that San Junipero is the most "hopeful" of the Black Mirror episodes so far, so perhaps I'll watch the rest during the summer when my mood picks up a bit. I also watched Sister Act 1 & 2 this week, which is kind of an odd choice, but I loved the movies when I was a kid. Man, watching just about anything from the 90s makes me sad for our current movie climate. Studios were so much more willing to take chances on smaller budget movies without solidly defined demographics, and ever since the second Bush administration, the studios have mostly been remaking the same handful of franchises to death. Movies made with smaller budgets are largely indie films, which don't really have the universal appeal of something like say, Sister Act. I mean, yes, the general premise is kind of off the wall (woman put into witness protection is hidden in a convent and revitalizes the church through the power of music!!11), but the story is well paced and easily relatable. Sister Act is meant to be a feel-good family movie, and it accomplished that. Even the overwhelming 90s-ness of the sequel is charming in its almost formulaic efforts to tug at your heartstrings, but you'd have to be a heartless weirdo for it not to affect you at all. Sister Act 2 is also notable for featuring a very young Jennifer "Love" Hewitt, complete with quotation marks around "Love", and she's got maybe two lines. My overall hope for the movie industry is that, as the means of film production get progressively cheaper, telling stories will be taken out of the hands of studios and put into the hands of anyone with a camera and a lot of spare time. I don't foresee studios being willing to give up suckling the teat of those sweet, sweet superhero franchises anytime soon, so I guess it's up to everyone else to find ways to make enjoyable movies? Maybe I'm just too much of a fan of that sugary slop that was so omnipresent in the 80s and 90s, but I miss movies that invoked some sort of genuine feelings from me. And like, that's not an easy task. Most of my feelings have been chipped away at this point, so they've only got three or four to work with. Okay, off to fall asleep on the couch to Netflix documentaries. I'll respond to comments and stuff this afternoon when I'm feeling rested.