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Not dying is awesome.
Posted January 11, 2017 at 11:54 am
Today's voting incentive is my goofy thumbnails for today's page! Here's that page that explains things! Like I promised awhile ago! I haven't had a page with this much dialog on it in awhile, which is kind of an odd feeling, but Marisa and Elias are the chattiest characters in this story. Vincent is glad to be alive, but not particularly concerned about his own mortality, I guess. It's worth noting that I assume that after being bitten, if there's not enough magic involved, someone else could shove a bunch of magic into you and try and jump start the process, but that's not guaranteed to work. I mentioned this in a comment to someone, but most of the time, an older and more experienced werewolf (usually the alpha) will be the one who bites new recruits. That standard helps reduce the number of times the transformation doesn't take. Something something randos who died after being bitten at the beginning of this story something something don't worry about it. Poor Malaya isn't sure what to think about this new development, but she looks really hopeful. I kind of love drawing this massive werewolf who always looks tentative and confused :D. Mal has her moments of decisiveness, but her default is being inherently unsure of herself. Maybe that'll change more over time?...Maybe that's the point of writing a story? I'm feeling better today! Overall! Though I'm still coughing like a motherfucker, so being legit healthy is still a few days off. I managed to wear pajamas all day yesterday, which was a real accomplishment for me. I'm not really good at being lazy, which is probably how I ended up cleaning the kitchen last night, but oh well. I was reading the comments on this person on reddit complaining that her roommate and boyfriend never clean, and someone commented on all the stuff they clean everyday...this commenter bleached the floors, cleaned all the tile in the kitchen, cleaned the walls, dusted the house, vacuumed, cleaned the front windows, and scrubbed the bathtub EVERY DAY. Like, what is your LIFE. I consider myself a fairly clean person. I'm known as "the clean one" in my group of friends, and I still feel like a lot of aspects of my housekeeping go by the wayside...mostly due to my house being constantly under renovation, ergo why clean carpentry mess? But I clean stuff every day...different stuff. What needs to be cleaned. Why the hell would you dust the whole house every day? Is this a hobby? Has this person never heard of spot cleaning? Anyway, that kind of blew my mind. Cleaning that often sounds like a great way to destroy your floors over time, but whatever. Okay, I'm off to pull myself together mentally and physically and try to reintegrate my sick self with human society. I've already taken steps in the right direction, but I had a lot of really weird dreams last night and I kind of want to go back to bed and get actual rest :P.