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A mysterious sound in the woods? Probably fine!
Posted March 6, 2019 at 11:55 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see thumbnails from this week and last week! Because that's fun.

This page was a relief, because I haven't had a page with just one person on it in SO LONG. Run Vincent! Thank you for being alone for five panels! Which is why I put this page here, because I needed to give myself a break lol.

BUT, it worked with the story, because a mysterious noise stalking you in the woods is always good for drama, especially when you're me and you know what the noise is. HM.

This page started out mostly green and kind of brownish, but it morphed as I kept dicking with the colors and landed on a pleasant purple/green color scheme with a hint of orange and red, and it works. I think sometimes I just keep borrowing the color scheme of the previous page and wonder why I don't like the result, but sometimes you just have to tweak things a little farther to get them to gel. Colors on a page-by-page basis. That can also be dangerous, because you don't want really dramatic colors shifts from one page to the next, or it'll be jarring in print, but just enough is fine. And I'm sure it'll be jarring in print regardless of what I do, because I'm not used to seeing my work in print lol. Not sure when we'll get this chapter printed, but hopefully not too far into the future! Next year maybe?

Paczki Day went well! I ate three yesterday, and my last one for breakfast this morning while reading reviews for cat brushes. (I needed my order to be over $50 for free shipping, and I mostly needed dog food.) I ended up buying a rubbery brush that looks rather useless, but cats seem to like it. It was endorsed by a woman who posted photos of herself holding each of her seven cats, after drawing whiskers on her face. She seems like she would know a good cat brush. I trust her.