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Posted November 27, 2019 at 11:11 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see the sticker/button/whatever design I'm making for Ginger! I already inked it but that file is on my other computer.

Writing these nerds is almost painful, because I'm always this awkward around people I like, so this is all taken from life experience lol. My absolute favorite trope is when the audience knows how each character feels, but they mutually don't know if they're just being delusional. Plausible deniability! Maybe Elias is really just around to protect Vincent like a good werewolf would! Maybe Vincent is just reasonably concerned about being mauled for having a werewolf sister (and many new werewolf connections). Maybe we should just listen to the radio because this is all getting too weird.

Now I just have to nail down what song Elias is going to sing in next week's page. I'm also trapped in 2015, so it has to be something that would reasonably come on the radio at that time. I feel like Elias would be the kind of guy to listen to classic rock mixed with literally anything else that he just enjoys. (Is he a Taylor Swift fan on the down low? Yes, probably.) Today, I'm kind of leaning towards "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins because it has that sweet drum solo.