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All I see is chest hair...
Posted December 21, 2016 at 4:00 am
I don't have a voting incentive today because I just finished this page and now I have to go to bed in order to wake up at some weird hour and drive to the airport. Fun! With that in mind, I will keep this note short! I'll be home some time in the afternoon on Wednesday, but considering Chicago weather...who the hell knows? My flight leaves at 6am, and I fully expect I won't be leaving at 6am given the snow we're supposed to get and then the ice storm following that. I JUST FUCKING LOVE WINTER, YOU GUYS. The very important parts of this page are: 1) Elias has chest hair, which seems obvious to me because he's a werewolf. He'd have arm hair, too, but I'm too lazy to draw it in all the time. So just assume Elias is naturally a pretty hairy dude. 2) Princess carry, because sack-of-potatoes carry didn't work out well the last time. Vincent is officially my damsel in distress in this chapter. Oops? Okay, off to somewhere warmer! Or bed first, but I'm writing this in the past...so technically if you're reading this page, I'm probably flying home? It doesn't matter! Time is a human construct!