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And then they had a werewolf baby.
Posted September 30, 2015 at 1:37 pm
Or rather, a baby who eventually turned into a werewolf. These nerds are way too smooth with these lines. I wrote this, so maybe I too am good at flirting? No, probably not. Yesterday, I made a character page! You should visit it! I know we're all very proud of me. It only took me 8 months! New record! SO, some fun cultural facts. I put a lot of research into this comic, because I think more so than giant declarations of what culture everyone is, it's the little stuff that makes it kind of real? The Philippines has a special kind of coffee called kapeng barako. It's a liberica coffee bean that's only found in the Philippines and a bit in Malaysia, and apparently is REALLY strong. It seems pretty popular around Manila, which is where her mother's family lives. "Dysangco" is a surname from early Chinese settlers to the Philippines, and is unique to their country. Basically, the family would take on the whole name of their patriarch, including the honorific -co/-ko at the end to designate respect for the elder person. Then when the Spanish came, a lot of these names because transcribed through how the Spanish would say them. Most people would have a Spanish last name, though. Throughout the 1850s, they actually just went through the alphabet and assigned people in different areas whatever surname was next on the list. That link actually has a lot of interesting history about naming conventions in the Philippines. The whole country has been invaded and conquered so many times, it's hard to suss out what's what, but their pre-colonization history is pretty cool. A recommended place to learn about! Okay, I'm off to eat my damn breakfast finally. Yessss.