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Scary things.
Posted October 6, 2015 at 1:18 pm
Hey! Her hand changed back. Mama's story worked, so that's good. Mostly, this page was inspired by all the stuff I tell myself when my anxiety is trying to get the best of me. I tend to get really anxious in new situations (like suddenly turning into a giant werewolf beast?), and I just keep repeating that I just need time to adjust, and once the situation is old news, I won't be anxious anymore. It helps! To a point. I'd rather not be anxious in the first place, but what are you gonna do. So far, this chapter is a lot of talking, and I know that's not as cool as nonstop werewolf throw downs, but there is pay off for your patience :). Especially this part! This is a very cerebral werewolf comic, after all. I have a big, weird project that I'm working on alongside this comic. Hopefully next month I can tell you all about it! It's kind of NSFW though, which isn't something I ever thought I'd say lol. In making this week's comics, I managed to finish watching Deep Space Nine and Friends, which is a weird fucking combo. Friends aged...weirdly. Their issues seem really odd compared to the current economic landscape. Here's a big, fancy high-paying job! That you aren't qualified for but it's cool! And you're still in your early 30s! Also babies! And getting married! Like, having friends mostly in that age range now makes Friends seem really weird and more outdated. Also, Ross is the fucking worst. The wooooorrrst. DS9 was good, though! I had to take a break for awhile because my brain started thinking Klingon was a legit language after awhile. I liked that it addressed racial issues pretty head on, especially considering hundreds of years into the future, they could have absolved themselves of addressing race all together. But then again, it was the 90s, and 90s TV actually was pretty progressive as far as race went. We backslid hard, there. DS9 was pretty obsessed with babies and marriage, though. Once again, feels like a sign of the times. Overall, Voyager is still my favorite. The whole series really worked the emotional highs and lows a bit more. You'd have one weird, super out-there episode that was hilarious, followed by "holy crap we're all gonna die and we'll never see our loved ones again!!!" and it worked. Plus, so much holodeck. I was surprised that DS9 barely addressed the hologram thing. They had the holosuites, but the were usually mentioned but not shown much. Kind of weird! Budgeting issues? I'm going to attempt to watch Enterprise next, but it seems to be everyone's least favorite, so yaaaaaaay.