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At least she didn't aim lower
Posted July 11, 2018 at 2:35 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a cool sketch of Charlene I'm working on :) This page was very difficult to figure out! When you're in the early stages of any piece of art, everything just looks plain and disappointing for awhile, and some pieces more so than others. This is one of those pages that didn't really gel until the very end. I think color has a weird disadvantage when it comes to action sequences. Black and white comics really sell action better, I think because you're naturally going to have a lot of negative space and contrast. Whereas in a color comic, you have to maintain the feel of something happening, and keep the whole thing cohesive looking, while not losing the figures to the backgrounds. It's fun! Comics are fun. I'm tired, but I think I mostly feel like this page did what I wanted. Mal has at least gotten past the initial stage of wolfiness! She's slightly there. Now it's just a matter of not losing that focus so she can transform even more. We'll see how that goes! Luckily, she aimed for Elias's diaphragm and not his junk, though I assume werewolf junk is much more resilient than human junk. I've spent a lot of time using MMA fights for reference for this string of pages, because it seems like werewolves would be more like street fighters than say, Bruce Lee. Not really a very refined technique needed when you're probably going to claw the shit out of someone more than anything. My goal for this month is to carve out like...four days? Three days? Some amount of days so I can just dick around and get stuff done on my house. I'd like to accomplish at least one project I've been putting off. I like to keep my goals simple. Just...almost too basic, I guess. If I shoot for the moon, I absolutely won't achieve that thing because I'll put it off forever. If I aim to say, prime and paint my side doors...then I'll probably get that done. It's fast enough that I don't need a ton of spare time set aside, but it's an involved enough project that I keep putting it off just because. (And then it gets into the issue of "get it done" versus "get it done correctly", which involves taking the doors off completely and stripping the spare paint off the hinges...we'll see.) This month's pages are easy backgrounds and fun to draw (yay werewolf fights!), so I might actually be able to carve out that time if I'm on top of things. Maybe. Hm.