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Aubrey explains it all...mostly.
Posted May 2, 2017 at 1:18 pm
Vote over at TWC and...you get to see the Wednesday page a day early! And also, it's the start of the month so pleeeease vote! Fun reminder, the fashion contest is less than a month from being over! May 25th is the deadline! You win...me drawing your outfit! Not as cool as a new car, but you'll be in this comic forever, and I think that's pretty cool. I have to finish the gallery for that pretty soon, buuut... I'm having the floors in the last half of my house sanded and resealed! Which is amazing! And I've been wanting to do this for freaking ever and everything will just be super beautiful and I can finally decorate without fear of having to tear it all to hell for more renovations. BUT, that means I won't be online for probably...four days? Maybe three. Hopefully three. My house is going to smell like polyurethane and hell. I'll be blasting those fumes out the windows with a box fan aimed at pedestrians and I can't wait. Sooo, that's been holding up my life. Most of my furniture is in the kitchen :|. Luckily, my house is neatly divided into north/south, so the north side is done, and the three south rooms need finishing. Then I'm freeeeeee. Thirty fucking years late, but it's cool. Anyway, this page! Before Sunday-night exhaustion kills my ability to type. Obviously, Connie told Aubrey some version of her past. Connie might not have told Aubrey ALL of her past. HMMMM. Because that'd be boring. Aaaaand, if you want to reference back to page 111 in chapter 5, you might notice that Connie looks like someone most people assumed she was already. Huzzah! Good job making connections :). File these couple of pages away, because we'll be revisiting Connie's history in the next chapter when we finally wrap up her whole deal. Keep these in a corner of your brain somewhere. Don't throw out anything important, though. Okay, I'll see you guys when I see you! Hopefully still alive after my house is overwhelmed with fumes.