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People wore a lot of vests in the early 90s
Posted May 3, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails for this week! Vote even if you don't care about that, because it'd make me happy :D. As I mentioned on Tuesday's page, the deadline for the fashion contest is approaching! I've gotten lots of neat entries so far, so keep 'em coming :D I don't have much to say about this page because I'm exhausted. Yay! It's Sunday, I'm speaking to you from the past, the past where I've spent all day finishing the paint job on my bedroom and finishing up on disassembling my life so my floors can get redone Monday. Check twitter to find out if I'm happy with how they turned out! The answer will be yes, because they'll be done and that's what matters. Fun fact, to research for this page, I looked up the early 90s JC Penney's catalogs, which are apparently a thing Buzzfeed loves to post about. Whatever works! We dressed super weird in the early 90s. I personally didn't have much say in it, or else those dark pink stirrup pants wouldn't have been in my wardrobe at all when I was 6. (Never was a fan of stirrup pants, but I've got very sensitive feet and that might be why.) Anyway, if you're wondering why her sleeves are so slouchy or why she's wearing pumps and pantyhose while pregnant, the 90s were to blame. Really, the 80s...Aubrey was born in 1991, so the 80s were still polluting our fashion culture while Captain Planet was teaching us to stop polluting everything else. Okay, I'm super tired and high heel pumps from the early 90s looked weird and kind of pointy and I feel bad for every time they showed Dana Scully's shoes on the X-Files because they were the worst. I'm off to bed! Enjoy the future!