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Awkward and gross.
Posted October 28, 2015 at 1:59 pm
Sorry this page is a bit late today, but there were way more trees to draw than I was expecting. Also, I sort of experimented with the background on one of the panels, and then decided I liked how it looked, which meant hey, gotta do that to all of them! And now I hate myself. But I do like how this page looks, so it's all good. Malaya seems like the kind of person who would eulogize a dead animal when no one's around. And it's not like she asked someone to drop a dead deer at her door. And hey! Cliffhanger for next week. Sooo, I'm not done laying out next week's pages. Theoretically, I'd really like to do a two-page spread (or what would print as one), but since that would really just be one panel, you guys miiiight get three pages next week. OR, I just add in the panels and do one page with a really big leading panel. I'd like to say I have time for my first idea, but I'm not super confident about it! Maybe it'll be a two-page spread in the eventual printed edition. Who knows! Not me! Til later today when I lay this shit out! Because I literally finish these pages minutes before posting, guys. Oh my god, so many trees. I'm gonna have flashbacks. My allergy medicine gives me enough funky dreams as it is, and now they'll all be in forests.