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She's got priorities.
Posted October 27, 2015 at 1:07 pm
I assume Malaya got volunteered for this job because she's a super strong werewolf. That sucks! I had to look up a lot of pictures of dead deer for these pages, which is almost the weirdest thing I've had to find reference of on the internet. Almost. And once again, poor gal just wants to have things be normal for awhile. Nope! Have a dead deer on your porch. Normally, I don't do pages with this few panels, but the rhythm of this scene kind of demands it, and less panels make things feel a bit slower to me. I mostly focused on storyboarding when I studied animation, so I still think in terms of scenes and camera angles, like I'm making a movie. In some ways, it's a bit limiting, because comics as a medium is super flexible with time and space. A lot of people tell whole stories in what would basically be montages in film, with characters changing location from panel to panel, and it works because it's a comic, not film. On the other hand, being entirely new to making comics when I started this, storyboarding gives me a frame of reference to start from, and I doubt I'll get used to doing things another way. I like approaching things in a more cinematic way, with each chapter containing scenes that would add up to, I guess, an episode like in a tv show. I will say, my biggest pet peeve in webcomics, specifically, is when week after week, a person puts out pages with almost no story and only 3 or 4 panels. I understand in terms of how much time you have to spend making something, sometimes that's all you have time for, but in storytelling terms, it reeeeeallly slows down a story. When the whole thing is only a few panels per page, and not as a format limitation (3 or 4 panel comics with a whole story contained), it feels like everything is moving at a glacial pace and I don't have an attention span for that. I don't really have the attention span for very much as I get older :P. In TV news, I've been rewatching House from the beginning. It's much weirder than I remembered! And also making me paranoid about getting some incurable disease someday. I think it's the kind of show that's trying to make it clear that every person is somewhat horrible to some degree, but I guess it really gets a bit full of itself sometimes. Overall, I don't think most normal people fuck up on a large or noticeable scale very often. It's the little things they do or say to other people as habit that make them pleasant at first glance and horrible upon further inspection. House tries really hard to make likable characters human by having them fuck up sometimes, but the fuck ups don't always come across as plausible for the characters. IDK, I need to put another show in rotation with this one, I think >_>.