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Being a werewolf IS ridiculous, it's true.
Posted January 29, 2019 at 12:26 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a cute panel of Vincent and Elias without text from tomorrow's page!

This page is a ride from start to finish lol. Gotta know what a cowbird smells like to find more of them! Just normal werewolf things. Poor Vincent. It's like being the sober one at a party.

I was so close to being done with this page yesterday, and then the power got knocked out from a transformer down the street blowing up. Fun! Luckily it came back on after a few hours, but originally they weren't going to have the repairs finished until like 10pm. Considering how cold it's been this week (and getting colder!), I'm glad I didn't have to leave my house to become a giant refrigerator. Anyway, I lost a few hours worth of work, had to plow through after the power came back to get the page finished, and still have tomorrow's backgrounds to finish. Normally I do all the backgrounds at once. 

Anyway, that's a long way to say that I'm behind on life! I was able to read most of the comments from last week's pages, but I haven't had time to respond to many comments. Apologies for that! But my goal is to be able to just sit around all day tomorrow, not go outside, finish a few things maybe...and just take a breather. I need a break :p.