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Posted September 6, 2017 at 12:37 pm
Vote over at TWC today and you can see the very cute Elias/Vincent drawing I finished yesterday :D A much happier outcome graduating from law school! To clarify, as an undergrad, you'd get your degree in pre-law...which my understanding is basically useless if you don't intend to go to law school, but who knows. Then as a graduate, you'd get your Juris Doctor. I think there's also a real PhD level degree you can attain, but I think it has more to do with studying law as a field? I'm not totally sure. I only have a bachelors degree and I kind of refuse to go back to school for anything else...unless my life plans as a comic artist don't work out, in which case I'm gonna go be a pharmacist. Not a lot of words on this page, because I don't think they're really needed. I wanted to go for something super bright and saturated and happy looking. It's still a tough balance! I think the third panel of Marisa looking very proud is one of my favorites so far, though. Marin has kind of collected herself a new little family...plus whoever else is in the pack, who I'm sure she also enjoys the company of, but I can't draw so many other people because I'm tired and human. My current goal today is to sit down and think hard about merchandise! I uploaded stuff to Society6 more on a whim and because I needed some gay shirts for Pride, but haven't had the energy to revisit things since. S6 is fine, though I wasn't impressed with the print quality, so I might try a few other options. What do you guys want? I was thinking of putting the Red Moon cafe logo on some stuff, because that's cute and subtle, and maybe doing some stuff with just the HTBAW logo, but beyond that, I'm not sure what people want to buy! There are a few sites that offer much higher quality prints, so I was thinking of just...uploading stuff to a bunch of places, and then you can pick what you want based on what the site offers and quality. The main issue is that 1) I'm very tired all the time and uploading to a lot of places makes me sleepy, and 2) 90% of my output is this comic, and I don't have time for a lot of extra standalone art :p. Given my monthly output of drawings, I make a stupid amount of art! But people who draw one thing a week, but stick to popular fan art instead of original stories...get a lot more interest for their effort :|. I guess that's how it always goes, though. Anyway, drag your friends to read my comic! One day, maybe I'll be famous and you can say you knew me when ;).