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Pink hair, don't care
Posted September 12, 2017 at 2:05 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a vaguely spoilery panel from tomorrow's page, but not the most spoilery panel? So it's fine. This week's pages took foreeeeevvvver. And honestly, they weren't difficult, it's just that whenever I'm on the brink of refining something art-wise, I end up messing around with stuff forever. It paid off! I really like this page. Everything was much more purpose, initially, but I kept messing with the color overlay in Photoshop...when I landed on this blue-green tone, I ran with it, and I'm glad I did. I liked the purple, but this works much better for the dreamy atmosphere I was going for. I'm looking forward to the main timeline turning over to spring, finally...because we're currently in March/early April, so trees are still sticks and the only bushes are coniferous. I'm glad you guys don't mind that my style of art and/or coloring has morphed at least twice per chapter. Anyway, if you think back on past chapters, I guess I landed on hair touching as a theme? Because it happens multiple times now. Malaya's mom braiding her hair in chapter 4, Connie touching Aubrey's hair in Chapter 5, and then this instance. Technically, two instances that show affection, and one instance that's a manipulation of affection. So, this is a theme. And it'll keep happening, because I realized I wrote another instance of this into a later chapter. Is it really a theme if I'm blatantly transparent about it? Sure. I ended up being kept awake the other night writing additional bits for the next chapter in my head, and now I'm really looking forward to writing that chapter! Granted, I'll have to push some gay shit back a bit, I think. It depends. I'll have to make some decisions based on the momentum of the story when I get that far. Plow through into the conclusion of our first arc, or introduce the conflict for the second arc and THEN finalize the first arc? Not sure. I do everything based on gut feeling, so we'll see when we get there. I hate how long comics take to make???? Okay, I've got a million things to accomplish today, comic and otherwise, so I'll leave this here. BTW, the new season of Bojack Horseman was god damn fantastic, A+ highly recommended.