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Bowling with werewolves
Posted October 18, 2016 at 2:31 pm
If you vote today at TWC, you can see what Tim is up to in tomorrow's page :). So, obviously the back flip thing seems to be Elias's go-to move. It's kind of a shame that you can't really do slow-mo in a comic. I mean, you kind of can, with a lot of frame-by-frame incremental panels, but I didn't really have space for that. So, I have no idea if you can fling someone over your body with a back flip and then kick them into a wall, but also werewolves aren't real, so I'm going to say "yes, of course you can." I've been waiting to draw werewolf fighting for like, a year and a half, so expect this shit to be unnecessarily drawn out just because. I can't spend this long drawing out Elias's secret skills without delivering. I majored in animation, so I loooove drawing action poses. Which would figure that every short film I made in college just involved people walking a lot. I hated drawing walk cycles, but everyone fucking walked a lot. And what no one likes to admit is that very fast actions are actually much easier to animate than slow actions. If things move fast, you don't have to match up the next frame nearly as closely, because who cares? Things are moving fast. Unfortunately, you can't apply animation principles directly to comics, because in comics, you're working exclusively on a 2D plane with static images. Therefore, every panel has to have clear poses, a clear sense of space, and deliberate action and direction. Or...at least it should. I'm still working on it. Obviously there hasn't been much action in this comic up til now, so I'm still finding my feet! But it's fun, regardless. And I'll be glad to not have to draw that fucking house anymore O_O. In TV news, I'm still watching Xena. So far, by the end of season 2, Gabrielle has been married twice, there have been two fights involving throwing a baby, Xena has died multiple times, Xena's spirit has inhabited the body of two other people, and (SPOILER?) her secret son is being raised by a centaur. This show...this show?...this show. I mean, Xena is fantastic on a lot of levels, but I'm almost kind of sad that with our fancy, high-production-value TV of the last few years, we've sort of tossed aside a world where a show can do that much crazy shit and still have genuinely moving character episodes along the way. TV has always slowly improved. I mean, if you look back at shows from the 60s, even if they had decent budgets, there's still a sort of cardboard-ness to the sets and a homemade-ness to the costumes. Compare that to say, Game of Thrones, where they custom embroider tiny symbols into the dresses and shit that no one will ever see, but the budget is there, so why not? I understand why we've progressed to a point that a show like Xena probably wouldn't get made today, and I'm mostly okay with it. They'd either have such a big budget that the show would have to take itself seriously, or no budget at all and be cancelled within a season just because. A lot of the same problems show up in movies, where you only have super big blockbuster films or indie films, and stuff that might have gotten made 30 years ago wouldn't have a chance now. I think mid-budget everything needs to make a comeback, honestly. Okay, still got a lot of work to finish tomorrow's page! I'm off to add shading to some werewolves.