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Werewolf chucking is the new pumpkin chucking.
Posted October 19, 2016 at 2:37 pm
If you vote over at TWC, you can see the thumbnails for this week's pages, which are quite interesting. Especially Tim's sketchy chomping face lol. Vincent is having all kinds of no fun. I would liken his experience to being the only sober person in a group full of really drunk people: you obviously don't belong here, and no one around you is predictable at all. Harvey is way in the background of that first panel, rather hard to see. She's a little down for the count on this page, or else I'd say Vincent should watch his back. Tim is the bitey one. Everyone else is a little more "let's kick and scratch and punch," but Tim knows his signature move and he's good with it. He also managed to further rip the shoulder of Elias's poor, battered shirt. That's fine, because that shirt really isn't going to last much longer, anyway >_>. In laying out the pages for next week, I'm quickly realizing that there's a lot in common between werewolf transformations and magical girl transformations. Less sparkles, I guess? By the way, show of hands, how many people have cottoned on to the fact that Elias is gay? Because it's mentioned offhandedly on the first page of chapter 2, but a lot of people missed it, apparently! Like, even back when I had a lot less pages, people didn't notice. (And if you think it's odd that so many characters in this comic are gay, then you've obviously never known any gay people. We tend to clump together in small herds for protection. That is the most realistic part of this comic lol.) I don't really have any intention of making Elias...more obviously gay, I guess. It'll be pretty obvious how much he likes Vincent as there are more opportunities to show that >_>. But I'm just wondering if this is something a lot of people haven't realized, because I need to find ways to address that moving forward. (He's just going to be wearing nothing by rainbow flag booty shorts moving forward.) Somehow, every time I went to save this page, I ended up finding something else I needed to add or change or fix. Mostly blood! Blood is always tricky, because I add it last. And by the time the page is done, I'm used to it not being there, so I just forget about it. But when a dude bites you in the arm, you gotta have blood! And blah blah blah the force and acceleration needed to throw a dude that far one-handed would be crazy, but that's what makes werewolf fights cool XD. Elias is 110% over this situation. All right, my day is running late already, so I'm gonna go eat breakfast and do a million things!