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Bye, little fox thing
Posted March 22, 2016 at 2:19 pm
Hey, first I wanted to thank everyone who's contributed to my Patreon so far! You guys are super awesome :D. Thanks for helping me support making this comic! The little fox thing didn't last very long after getting close to the creepy house. Hmmmmm. But at least Tim is dealt with! Well, for now. If he's anything like my dog, he'll wander around trying to figure out where the fox went for at least a little while, even though it...exploded or whatever. (Or, in my dog's world, "The squirrel ran away! NO. It is still here, it's just hiding, I'm sure of it! I will obsessively sniff everywhere until I find it or get distracted by something else!") We're soooo close to the end of this chapter. And so close to the twist at the end >_>. Well, I don't know if it's a twist, really, but THE THING THAT HAPPENS THAT'LL MAKE EVERYTHING ELSE HAPPEN. That thing. And I think some of you are confused why there's not more action in this part, seeing as we're so close to the house. (And I am maybe...deliberately...shutting down any action that would be happening....hmmmmmmm.) Well, because otherwise the bit at the end wouldn't be leading up to anything, it would just be a thing that happens on top of lots of things happening, and that's too many things happening. Too. Many. Things. So, anyway, wait for that. We're not there yet. I've said it before, but writing a webcomic is about the weirdest, coolest writing experience ever. I know a lot of people tend to write ahead when making a comic, which I admire, but I've realized that I add a lot of things based on comments people have made, things that I didn't think to explore originally, or things I realized I needed to push farther to make them more clear. I wasn't really sure where I wanted this chapter to go after we found the house, initially. I kind of left that up to how I felt when I got that far, and I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of this chapter. Originally, I wasn't looking forward to writing it, because it's sort of the chapter you shove in the middle to make other parts make sense later. But now, it's really evolved into something that supports a lot of plot lines later on, even though the premise is still pretty simple (follow a spell, find a creepy house in the woods). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that writing this comic has been stupidly fun, and all the comments you guys make have made me push myself a bit farther as a writer, so thank you :D. Anyway, in real life news, I've about driven myself into the ground lately and I need to carve out a day to do nothing...in like, three weeks at this rate lol. I was in Los Angeles for a week two weeks ago, then came home and had to catch up on life and I'm not there yet. Then I sacrificed working on Friday to visit my friend at C2E2 in Chicago (big local comic convention), which big crowds of people tend to fuck with my head. Soooo it was another couple days just trying to recover emotionally from the giant anxiety attack that was that visit lol. Also, my friend found a black cat by her work, so now I have four cats? (And a dog!) I think I'm gonna name him Pancake. He's young, very very very friendly, and seems cool around people. I don't think anyone owned him, though, because he was really hungry and not fixed yet. Maybe they did, but he's scruffy enough that he's been outside full time for awhile. And then I've been doing comic stuff nonstop for the last couple days. And I have a wedding to go to next weekend in Florida, so I have to get my life together for that. My first gay wedding! And it's on the beach! I'm sure it'll be fun, but now I have to work ahead a few days for that too, so we'll see. I need like, a clone. Three clones. More clones than that seems irresponsible, but I need at least a few more. In TV watching news, I started watching White Collar. Matt Bomer looks like an elf from Middle Earth just showed up in a crime procedural show. He's cute as hell. Though, I kind of hate the trope where you've got a character who never fails and is good and well educated about everything ever. I don't think it's very relateable and it gets kind of grating after awhile. (Bones also has this problem, though I'm willing to overlook it in a lot of ways because her character is so bad socially that it balances out in general.) But hey, I'm writing a comic that is literally about a woman who has no idea how to be the thing that she is, and only really figuring it out because she has no choice...so I guess I'm biased about what stories I find interesting :). Okay, back to work >_>. Tomorrow's comic is like, aaaalmost done. So close.