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Hi Tim!
Posted March 16, 2016 at 1:22 pm
Hey! It's Tim. I hate the idea that as soon as you see the bad guy, you're supposed to react, so we're not doing that! We're doing the opposite and having a chat about that guy standing in the yard. Though Tim looks kind of happy running towards them, so who knows what he's thinking. Probably not much! Tim's not a deep guy. If you guys came here for nonstop werewolf throwdowns, you are probably in the wrong comic. Are people going to actually fight in this comic at some point? Yes. Is it going to be absolutely worth it narratively? Yes. I'm just not a fan of senseless violence. I like...sense-full violence? Fighting breeds animosity. Like, I hate in movies where people beat the shit out of each other, and then later on walk away friends. That dude punched you in the face? And you're just like...fine about it? I'm salty for days when someone looks at me funny, so no, if you punched me in the face, there better be a damn good reason. And if we end up friends again? That would take some actual work. I mean, yeah, in an hour and a half movie, you don't have space for that whole cycle of character growth, but still. It's the thought that counts. I'm still working out action panels. I kind of like this one of Tim running, but I'm sure in a year or so, I'll look back and realize whatever it is that's missing. It's always easier if people are just moving sideways! But anyway, what you really need to know is that I watched a lot of videos of people running on all fours on youtube for reference. That's a thing. There's some guy and he has a record and everything. In unrelated news, I spent the morning cleaning my stove. Is it clean now, after all that work? No. Is it cleaner? Yes! Will it probably stop smelling absolutely horrible? I'm not sure, but I have to bake a cake for a friend this afternoon, so we'll find out. My stove is older than I am, so whatever I can do to make it happy so it continues to work, I will do it. Unless it starts demanding human sacrifice, in which case I'll just sell it on Craigslist and buy a new one. Okay, I'm off to run a million errands and draw and bake a cake and clean up the mess I made while cleaning to stove. Busy morning!