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Caw Caw Motherhugger.
Posted May 19, 2015 at 1:01 pm
A crow in a tree! Not an omen at all. Just a bird, in a tree, cawing at you. NBD. There is one. more. page. in chapter 2 and then I get to draw chapter 3! Which includes a lot of exposition and then some action! Like most stories probably! I just have to survive working like, twice as many hours at my job as well as working on this comic for one more week. I've got so much yard work to get done but it'll never happen. Those hostas will never get planted, the tomatoes will never grow. Sorry, plants. In related news, I decided to try coloring this page in Manga Studio 5 just to see how the brushes worked. THEY WORKED GREAT. Seriously, for a program that could barely handle color at a basic level in version 4, they have gone above and beyond. It's a very smeary paint look, which is cool because photoshop doesn't do that. I think SAI does. It seems like it's a lot like SAI. I've never tried SAI but I've heard good things. Manga Studio works great so I'll probably stick with that for coloring people and trees. The backgrounds are easier in Photoshop because I try not to over render them.