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Marin doesn't get that reference.
Posted May 20, 2015 at 1:08 pm
Finally, introducing Marin! And Marin's cute girlfriend, Marisa. (Who I named before realizing that means their names are very similar, so I call them MarMar.) Marin is very very smart, but for reasons that will be explained in the future, she didn't grow up watching much tv. (I'm pretty sure she's not totally sold on knowing who Spock is either, but it's not worth making anyone explain because she doesn't really care.) "How's tricks?" is pretty old timey, but I love it. Depending on what part of the internet you ask, it either has to do with prostitutes, or is just a benign, super old way of asking about your stuff in general. Now you know! Thus ends chapter 2 and most of the exposition needed to get things really underway in chapter 3! Which also has a lot of exposition. Oops. But action as well! I've been looking forward to drawing chapter 3 for awhile :). We'll be seeing a lot more of the mysterious lady in the woods. I'm going to attempt to find time to draw a cover page for chapter 3, which if all goes well, I'll probably post Monday. I've been working extra hours at my silly retail job because we're down like, 3 people. I'm kind of over it. I'm so far halfway through Season 6 of Star Trek Voyager :(. One season to go! (Probably in the course of making the next two pages, lol.) I'll probably start in on Deep Space Nine after that, I think. Or Enterprise. I'm not sure, I'll see what seems more appealing. I've already watched all available episodes of Blacklist, Elementary, Parks and Rec...Kind of having a hard time watching Friends. I hate Ross so much, I just hate him. I hate him. So much.