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Connie emerges.
Posted April 17, 2018 at 1:46 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Elias with his fancy manicure from tomorrow's page :) The plot thickens! I had to draw and color all those damn plants in the top panel, and that's my fault, but they turned out pretty cool so I guess it's fine. I wanted this page to be very green, and I think I've accomplished that. Green and purple make for a kind of creepy combination, which seems appropriate. I stopped thinking too hard when it comes to coloring, because I don't really have time to think that hard lately. This page is interesting, because as I've been saying, Connie isn't the evil you traditionally think of. Given no resources, she might be benign at worst, but she's just the kind of person who takes advantage of everyone around her and will force a situation to change to her benefit regardless of the cost. But the thing is, for all the people I've known who she's based on, they have these moments of goodness that peek through, occasionally, and that's where the dancing panel comes from. Her problems are temporarily solved, and she genuinely enjoys her baby and freedom. (I say "enjoys", because her definition of love is clouded by her own self-obsession.) Then the paranoia steps in, she blows through her magical resource (werewolf grandma), and she's fucked it up again. Anyway, there will be more answers in tomorrow's page! There are so many answers in this one section. I have to go through and keep editing my future pages, because I think there's almost too much explaining after awhile, and so long as y'all generally get the gist of her blowing through all of her magical resources, the only point I really need to drill home is that she's pissed off earth itself. This is why I don't make a ton of pages in advance, though. I get a different impression from a page once it's finished, and sometimes that means I can cut a bunch out or change future stuff. If I wrote everything, edited it, drew it and finished all these pages, I can't say I'd end up with the best story compared to working on different stages of that process continually. Also, I usually improve ideas after I stew on them over the course of many dog walks, which is why my upcoming scene with Elias and Vincent has changed from a cafeteria scene to a playing baseball scene. Less people to draw, plus baseball is less boring than sitting around. More character development, less sitting! I'm watching random Dateline episodes someone uploaded to Youtube as I'm working today, and these people adopted three little girls and turned them back over to the state because they believed they were possessed by demons. Just a normal Dateline episode!