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Posted April 11, 2018 at 1:33 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a rather eerie drawing from next week's page! I think it's eerie at least. I'm still in recovery mode from C2E2, which is actually kind of nice. I have an excuse to not drive myself into the ground for awhile! I do have a few things I need to get on today, but my current goal is to post this page and then make pancakes or something. So, obviously this flashback is being told by Charlene based on the knowledge she was able to get from psychically communing with a coffee mug (writing is great, I highly recommend it), and her understanding of the hows and whys is still missing. We'll iron out all those wrinkles later on, because if I spend a million years explaining every detail in the story right now, you'll all abandon me and there will be nothing left to figure out later on. SO, just keep that in mind. Most questions will be answered, some will be revealed later. Just keep in mind that Connie/Flora isn't great with boundaries, and her idea of what constitutes "yes" leaves a lot to be desired. For clarity's sake, and because I mostly use it as a visual metaphor for Connie going off the rails, Connie can make plants grow using magic. She can literally manipulate organic matter. She always has a handful of plants around her, but as she gets more delusional, the number of plants increases, signifying that she's wasting a ton of magic making all these damn plants. She occasionally sucks the magic out of them, but instead of supplying any real amount of magic, they just die, as we've seen a few times. It'd be like getting a McDonald's chicken nugget when you're starving. It technically counts as food, but it's certainly not a meal, and the nutritional value is just enough to keep you alive so you can wallow in your disappointment in said nugget. I'm realizing now that a very fucked up option for this story that I'll never bother with is if she made all her werewolf kids grow up at some astronomical speed using her weird powers, just because that'd be reflective of the whole "growing plants" thing, but it's not enough of a story idea to be worth exploring or trying to retcon into this story. Also, that'd make them all technically eight or whatever, and that's just the movie Big with werewolves.