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Connie sure seems like a nice person.
Posted November 9, 2016 at 11:57 am
If you vote over at TWC today, you can check out the thumbnails for this week's pages :). If you've been wondering when Connie would come into the picture...well, she's not particularly mobilizing to step in and help. I WONDER WHY. But anyway, file this page away, because it'll be important for the end of this chapter. Anyway, I'd like to fill this space with nattering about TV and werewolves, but I can't. I'm mourning and I'm scared. So, I love you guys, and thanks for supporting me and this little comic, and be kind to yourselves today. And be kind to others going forward. We'll get through this. Edit: Comments for today's page have gotten various levels of testy, so read at your own risk! You don't have to like my politics, but if you don't agree with me and think I'm a bitch, then by all means, don't read my comic. I'm a feminist, queer person making a feminist, queer comic. Those don't have to be your politics, but they're mine, and if you don't like them, well...this isn't a comic about werewolves guys. Werewolves are fun, but it's more that they're a convenient story base. This is the story of a young woman overcoming something inside of herself and realizing her own power. That's the story. Werewolves are the carrier, they aren't the point. I wrote a comic that's primarily people of color, despite being white myself. I wrote a comic with a female protagonist and an overwhelmingly female cast. I wrote a comic with a cast that's significantly queer, even if that isn't the main theme. I did this because that's what I want to read. I wanted to be some small voice that fights back against all the sexist, racist, homophobic bullshit that I'm exposed to every day when I walk out the door. And if you're going to try and convince me that those issues aren't problems, or that white men have it just as bad...you don't have to read my comic. (It'd be cool if you didn't call me a racist bitch, though! :D :D :D) I'm not making it for you. I'm making it for me.