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Tim has a unique approach.
Posted November 8, 2016 at 2:03 pm
Tomorrow's page features someone we haven't seen in color yet! Woo! Secrets. So, today's page took me awhile. Coloring is hard, action is hard, werewolves are hard...I like a challenge, but damn! I'm working on speed lines and conveying action better. Speed lines work great in black and white, and they're rather...odd in color. I like the effect in the end, but getting them to work once the page was complete was tough. Obviously, Elias didn't suffer too much of a butt kicking after last week's pages. Now he's just pissed! It's funny, because not having done a lot of fight scenes, this whole section was a bit intimidating at first. Who attacks who? How? When? Because you don't just want pages and pages of aimless werewolf fight. I mean, maybe, but I wanted there to be a logic to when everything happens. And there is! There is a specific, story-driven reason that Tim is the last one on this page, and why he wasn't on the last page. So, that's always good. I'm glad I figured out my puzzle, but a lot of it was dependent on just getting to this point in the story so I could see how the pieces lined up. And don't worry, I know it seems like Mal is a million miles away from all this, but you don't infuse a story with much drama if each bit doesn't get its fair share of focus :). This chapter is working out so much better than I hoped...if only I didn't have to actually draw the whole damn thing. Special note! I'll be gone for a few weeks in December for the holidays and a quick trip to Los Angeles, so the comic will be taking a short vacation during that time. I'm aiming for only a week! I've never actually skipped any days, so it feels like I can probably afford to do that now :). If anyone has anything they'd like me to post during that time, a comic or fanart or something, let me know! In unrelated news, today is the election! Which is great, because that means tomorrow I can either not get out of bed, or I'll be walking on air. Either way, I officially get to stop arguing with people on facebook, and that's probably good for me. I really do enjoy a good argue, though. If I'm lucky, Indiana won't have another asshole in a long line of nepotic governors and maybe something can actually get accomplished in this state for once. That'd be nice! I have high hopes. All right, after visiting family in Pennsylvania over the weekend (fun!) and seeing Elle King on Saturday (extra fun!) after being on a plane all day (not fun at all!), I gotta finish tomorrow's page finally. It's getting there. I'm sleepy.