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Connie would be great at multilevel marketing. She's really got that cult leader vibe on lock.
Posted April 7, 2020 at 2:18 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Malaya being progressively more angry in tomorrow's page

It took forever for me to get this page done, though half of the issue is that I didn't roll my ass out of bed until 10am because I had to play on my phone for an hour and the world is on fire. Hooray! We're giving ourselves space to feel insane this month. It's good. I'm going to take a walk after this, because it's gorgeous outside and that's the only thing I can do with my time. 

I had a good time writing Connie in these pages. I know the narrative people like in this story is the sense of found family, but I do like to preserve the idea that Malaya really is still glued to her parents and brother. They're ultimately the driving force behind why she was willing to embrace her werewolf side and grow. She felt they could be threatened by Connie (or Aubrey originally) and needed to become stronger for their sake. And now she's a better, stronger, more capable werewolf and Connie can't outdo her or her love for her family :).

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