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Craft party from hell.
Posted July 6, 2016 at 3:07 pm
You guys voted for me like crazy yesterday! I can't believe how high up I made it at TPC :D. Thanks, everyone! Today's incentive is the thumbnails from today's page, so you can compare my dumb scribbles to the finished product lol. Also, I broke my record in hits in one day yesterday! 20k in one day! That's amazing, considering I started out at...300 hits in a day less than a year and a half ago. And I was damn impressed with myself for that much! (They were mostly me.) Um, so I really like this page lol. If I told you that I planned a whole chapter around getting Vincent to say "bondage-themed werewolf craft party from hell", could you really blame me? He's got a weird sense of humor, it's just hidden under a few layers of stoicism. I know in any (normally tense) situations like this, I get a few comments that everyone seems so chill! That'll be a reoccurring theme. Mostly because I'm not inclined to freak out about shit myself, so I'm not inclined to think to write it. Also, it's funny and that pleases me. Elias has this locked down. He'll figure it out. I'll get into wolfsbane probably more at some point (and can you guess why it might look so fresh at the tail end of winter?), and we'll soon address why Vincent would even know about it. It's funny, because it obviously comes up in werewolf stories a lot, but there's nothing particularly special about wolfsbane as a plant. It's in the Ranunculaceae family, which covers a lot of plants! Buttercups, columbine, hellebore...there's like, 2000+ plants in that family. There are quite a few varieties of wolfsbane/monkshood/aconite, but they all look basically...the same. There are some variations in color, but it mostly comes in purple and yellow. It's poisonous, and might be dangerous for people to even touch, actually. As a plant, it's kind of pretty, but I think the individual flowers are kind of...vaginal? Not so much what I drew here, but overall...very Georgia O'Keefe, is what I'm saying. I had a good birthday! My friend made me a rainbow cake, which I will be eating for breakfast/lunch (damn, it has taken me forever to get this up today, and I still have to go to the bank and the gym and get to work on catching up on...work). I went to the beach! The Lake Michigan beaches are gorgeous. I've lived so close to them forever, but I hardly ever go :|. Miles and miles of protected forests right along soft, sandy beaches and clear water. It's hard to describe how that effects the culture where I live, but there's definitely a "beach culture", like you'd find in a lot of ocean towns. There are beach houses! Some with quite a bit of historical significance to our lakeshore. Anyway, I fucking love the beach, so that was fun. THEN MY FUCKING CAT GOT OUTSIDE AT NIGHT. AND HE'S JET BLACK. Damn it, Pancake. I'm rehoming him with a friend of mine once her job comes through, since he has FIV and I can't keep him forever in a house with three healthy cats. I had opened the window in the bathroom to air out the part of the house he lives in, but he pushed the screen out (which I couldn't get to stay in right, but seemed pretty solidly in there) and took off into the night! Terrifying! Luckily, my neighbor's cat, Mr. Tibbs, rules this area. He tracked Pancake down pretty quickly and I found them in a kitty stand off in front of my house after twenty minutes of running around outside trying to find him. I found a black cat in the dark! I should put that on my resume. He spent the morning curled up on my lap, then I moved my legs and he bit me. Asshole.