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I found you!
Posted July 5, 2016 at 2:02 pm
Okay, first of all, you should vote at Top Web Comics so you can see Elias's stupid cute face from tomorrow's comic. Also, because votes at the beginning of the month really help me out :D. Second, a very important matter you should be aware of: birthday I'm 31 today! Fuck that noise, actually. Turning 30 was kind of cool, because hey, new decade. 31 is just weird. Also, my hormones are bananas, so everything made me cry yesterday. It was weirdly refreshing! But the fireworks were just really pretty, you see. I ended up going to see them alone, because everyone else was working/sleeping/spending time with family, etc. My own family is all over the place, and my family in town was out of town, soooo yeah. I need a girlfriend, friends. I need another human being I can semi-permanently attach to my life, who is obligated to spend time with me. Aw, love. Um, so I think we're all really going to enjoy this sequence of pages! They've been fun as hell to draw, but drawing chains is the absolute worst. They look cool when they're done, but ugh, awful. I watched multiple videos on youtube of dudes doing kip ups in order to draw those middle panels. I'm faaairly sure that you can't actually get up that way when you've got your hands and feet chained, but we're going to pretend that's not an issue. You can tell I majored in animation, because everything I do reads more like a storyboard. I really love panels that show motions happening, I can't help myself. It's funny, because theoretically, I should be getting faster at making these pages. But I keep kicking my own ass! Every time I improve in one way, I start concentrating on some other aspect. So now I've gotten better at drawing, but I'm spending more time making sure my inking looks really nice. And as soon as I got pretty decent at shading in black and white, I decided to add color! I'm not sure how other people just like, bust out five pages a week. I guess if I toned down how much time and effort I spend in getting everything PERFECTLY RIGHT, then maybe I could work that fast too. But if I have the time, and I don't HAVE to make more pages than this a week, then I'm going to fucking use it. I started this whole thing in order to kick my drawing skills back into gear after years of neglect, anyway. Mission accomplished! Okay, no time for TV talk today! Gotta go get ready to have a birthday or whatever.