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Customer Service Face Part 2
Posted December 19, 2017 at 12:49 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page that will mean nothing without context, so there's something to guess about I suppose? Damn, you guys blew up my comments on the last page! Which is awesome, but I've barely made a dent in responding to most of them. I'll try to get through that in the next few days, though. THERE WILL BE NO COMICS POSTED NEXT WEEK SORRY! I'm taking off for Christmas, and I'd rather use that week to build up a (very tiny) buffer. I've got about a million things going on in 2018, so if I can get even a little bit ahead, I might not die of being constantly overloaded. We'll see! Hey, it's our favorite customer! I haven't had a chance to bring him into the picture again until now, so I thought he should get a little moment, at least. I know a lot of people have theories about Very Specific Coffee Drink guy, and I will leave you to him, but don't be too disappointed if he turns out to just be an asshole. Some people are just assholes :). Elias is working! He's making money! He's completely out of his element and has no idea what's going on! This isn't his first day, but it is sometime in his first week and he's still being trained. The hardest part about learning shit when you're new on the job is when the people who have to teach you things barely have the downtime to do so. He'll learn! And Charlene and Malaya will whip him into shape pretty quickly. But in the meantime, he's a confused man holding a sandwich. I surreptitiously changed the apron colors to red, because it's the Red Moon Cafe, and thus...they should have been red the whole time. When I mysteriously find extra minutes to go through and actually edit older pages for printing, I'll probably make the aprons red the whole time just so the change sticks out less. Ugh, editing and fixing shit and preparing everything for printing is going to destroy me...which is why it'll be awhile before that happens! One day. I'm going to wait and see how C2E2 turns out, and possibly ask around about some smaller publishers, and then decide if I want to go totally independent or not. I suspect not. But then, I also can't pinpoint an independent publisher that this story really vibes with? Oni comes to mind, but I feel like their deal is mostly manga-sized books. Maybe First Second, maybe Iron Circus. It might be appropriate for Boom, but I've heard they don't pay a lot, even though they're good at getting the word out. Dark Horse, but I'd have to do most of the promotion myself. Ugh, IDK. I'm not sure who's prepared to have 300 pages of werewolves with anxiety dropped on their doorstep, ready for publishing (with a fuckload of editing and print preparation >_>), but going through a publisher would help with distribution to comic shops as well as international distribution.