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When the creepiest thing in your comic about werewolves is a ceramic mug.
Posted December 20, 2017 at 1:22 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the progress on the issue one cover! Which I'm already planning on redoing because that's just who I am. Words to come in a minute, trying to get website stuff figured out! Okay! Comic is up, website is operational! Sorry things are a bit late today, but my server was throwing 500 errors due to a Wordpress plugin losing its mind, from what I can tell. Who knows. Things are better now. I decided to make Connie's mug bright yellow, because I felt like there's something creepier about a cheerful inanimate object with evil implications. It also helped it stand out more, especially when we first saw it last chapter, because I almost never use yellow. (I also barely use red, yet this page exists.) You might recognize Malaya's sweater from the shopping montage :). I think I'm going to keep throwing the clothes everyone designed into the mix occasionally, because they turned out great. Just gotta find the right occasions for her to wear some of them. There won't be an update next week! I'll try to post something festive instead. I'm going down to Mississippi for the holidays and I won't be able to finish the comics before I leave...plus, I never take time off, so you guys will be okay in the meantime. I'll try to answer all the comments before I go! I can't really do much but approve them from my phone.