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Daytime fighting leads to nighttime picnics
Posted August 30, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can...see the thumbnails again! Because I'm out of town and don't have time to make more incentives. But hey, now you can officially compare and contrast with the finished pages! It would figure that the week that I'm leaving town, I end up having a page that contains SO MANY WEREWOLVES. SO MANY. Here's the whole damn Ross family, minus their dad (don't worry about it!), but including the dog, Pumpkin. Figure that Marin is 26 or so here, and Elias is about 17. Maggie is the oldest, then Ezra, Elias, and Patty. In current timeline, Maggie is raising two kids, Ezra has one, and Patty is off to college...leaving Elias and his mom to hold down the fort (and Pumpkin!). I colored this page so quickly! Which meant that the bottom panel became monotone out of necessity, due to lack of time...but I think it turned out to be a really solid artistic decision lol. I could not tell you who all those people are, but assume about 90% of them are in the Ross pack, and most of them are werewolves. (There are a few witches and humans in there, probably.) I drew them all randomly, but now they're official, I guess? Marin is left handed, thus she mostly fights with her left side. Technically, even though the middle three panels look continuous, there'd be quite a bit of other movement between those panels to throw Elias off into the distance using her left hand lol. But whatever, it looks nice this way. A few people wanted to see Marin go full werewolf! I don't have plans for that in this chapter, but I've got a really good moment where I want to use her in full, tall wolf form later on. When I get a chance, I'll try and make some art of her all wolfy for Patreon, because my sweet, Marin-wolf moment won't show up until like, chapter 9 :|. I think Chapter 8 will end up being a bit shorter, so at least the wait won't be as long? Trees are purple now. I wanted this page to be really purple, because that's how I saw it in my head. Very saturated, very purple and yellow. I don't usually have much luck working more saturated, but I really like this page!