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Don't scream.
Posted August 29, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Vote over at TWC, and you can see this week's thumbnails! I only have one vote incentive this week, because I'm going out of town, but see if you can decipher what happens in Wednesday's page from those random scribbles! This week's pages were made under duress! Not really, but I didn't end up having as much time as I hoped. But hey, if you're reading this, I'm on a plane to see my gramma, or driving 3 hours from the airport to where my gramma lives, OR hanging out with my gramma. That'll be nice. Basically, I'm spending most of the rest of the week talking with old people, playing on my phone, napping on her couch, petting her cats, and probably doing yoga out of boredom. It's gonna be great. My gramma is 85? or so? I can never remember, because she's been telling people she was 53 for the last 30 years just to fuck with them, so I never remember her real age. I know people were kind of wanting a whole thing with the werewolf bite, and the emotions surrounding it, etc...but I decided that since this is Marin's story being told secondhand, it would feel rather weird to extend that sequence too much. Marisa's telling this story to Malaya, who already understands a lot of the context surrounding being a werewolf and the issues that result from it. Maybe at some point in the future, I'll explore Marin's first hand account of some of this. I also wanted to show a much more gentle atmosphere in this page and Sara's approach to Marin to contrast with...almost everyone else's situation lol. We'll revisit Sara at the very very end of this chapter, to kind of wrap up her as a whole person. Elias is a biased party, and his feelings are still raw from being temporarily tossed out of the pack. Marisa and Marin are both biased towards her for totally different reasons. She realistically falls somewhere in the middle, between savior and total hard ass, and is ultimately a normal woman attempting to oversee a pack that's having complex issues. Two things worth noting on this page: -in the 4th panel, though you can barely see it in this low-res version, the site of Marin's head is shaved and she has a line of stitches from when they would have done some sort of exploratory surgery or biopsy on the tumor. That's why her head was wrapped! I haven't been through brain surgery myself, but her incision would have kept healing even as the rest of her body shut down, thus the progression of her head being wrapped in bandages. Also, it looked neat and made for less curly hair I had to draw. -the doctor in the last two panels is Leonard "Bones" McCoy, or some close approximation, because I can't help myself. -Assume no one walked in because the door was also closed, but the curtain is more dramatic.