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Drawing old people is fun.
Posted March 8, 2016 at 12:00 pm
I've been working ahead, because as you read this, I am out of town! I'm on vacation in Los Angeles to visit college friends. Which means that I keep forgetting no one has seen these pages yet???? (Unless you contribute to my Patreon, in which case, you have totally seen this pages! For like, DAYS. So you should also donate or whatever, just sayin'.) To research for this page, I looked at so many photos of old people! And drawing old ladies is super fun! Mal might possibly look terrifying as an old lady? The thumbnail I drew was hilarious, so I kind of ended up not changing it much when I drew this page. So old lady Mal is like, squishy and has little fangs because that amuses me. I got a lot of theories and questions last week about the whole werewolf aging thing! This idea is actually one of the first bits of worldbuilding that came to me when I was trying to conceptualize what direction I wanted this comic to go. I liked the idea that seeing as werewolves heal quicker than humans, that as they get older, they becoming more and more reliant on that healing factor to stay alive. And after a certain point, the wolfy part is doing most of the work and they become kind of feral. Sort of like werewolf dementia. Drawing children is difficult. I don't like it. But I will draw old ladies forever. Anyway, since I'm off running around and probably eating or being at Disneyland or whatever, it will take some time for me to respond to comments and approve new commenters! I'm on my phone, so it's a bit of a clunky process. The fact that I can actually log in to my Wordpress account from my damn phone is like...blowing my mind. My old iPhone 3 could barely access the internet seeing as it was super tiny. The little tiny slide phone I had before that did basically nothing but text and make calls. The future is here! I feel old and scared.