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Posted March 2, 2016 at 11:28 am
Heeey! Sorry, like every post now is going to start with something about contributing to my new Patreon account. But if you like this comic, that's a great way to make sure I can keep making it for years to come, plus you get neat things. I say "Why are you like this?" to my pets at least once a day. Usually when they're doing something weird and cute, which is most of the time. I have my own little brigade of emotionally-dependent furry beasts. Awwww. A couple people were wondering where Elias was going with the whole "sides" thing yesterday, and here's where he was going! It might be kind of obvious how this applies to Aubrey's pack! And then next week, we'll get into the issue he brings up there at the end. Aging as a werewolf might be kind of weird! (Definitely will be kind of weird.) It occurred to me the other day that this chapter is finally wrapping up this story's exposition phase! By this point, you've got a backstory for most of the characters, you've got a fairly comprehensive guide to how magic and werewolves work, and you generally get where the conflict is coming from. Yay! We made it guys. It only took a year and a month! The one guy you actually know the least about is Elias, which the next few chapters actually focus a lot on all the shit he's not been telling us for the last five chapters. Ooooooh, what's his deal? (Idk he's just really nice the end.) In TV news, I started watching Making a Murderer with some friends yesterday (I have friends! YAY!), and then proceeded to keep watching it while working on next week's comics. Holy shit! This is super fascinating! It's like the podcast Serial but as a tv show about a white dude from Wisconsin. I keep thinking about how this show probably wouldn't have gotten made if the main dude was black? Or any person of color, actually. They'd throw him in jail with barely a trial, ignore any efforts at an appeal, and call it a day. The world is fucked up, friends. ...which is why I'm writing a cute comic about werewolves who swear a lot.