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Elias, I have a complicated and sexy relationship with your hot dad
Posted November 1, 2022 at 12:53 pm

Vote over at TWC to see baby Elias who only has a few of his teeth in, the fangs obviously

Mmm, complicated werewolf relationship drama. I wanted to get into some of the downsides of two werewolves together. As much as I try to avoid the really tropey alpha/beta dynamics of most werewolf stories, I do think there are personalities that are more suited to leading a whole pack than others. The problem is that sometimes that means you end up with two people who are very strong together but also very volatile and determined to have their way about things. So I guess the question is, was Andrew just being an opportunist in pursuing Sara so that he could be a part of a big, powerful pack? I don't think so, but that might have been a secondary gain that he didn't consciously plan for but benefits from nonetheless. 

Anyway, I like writing people who have complicated personalities and motivations! Though I like to make them secondary characters because if the primary characters in your story are all unpredictable and moody, it makes it really hard to move the story along in a way that naturally builds to anything. It's fun sometimes to have a character break the "rules" of your narrative, but if their moods and motivations are unpredictable the whole time, I don't think that makes for a relatable character who helps things move along. 


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