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I'm an adult man and I'm jealous of my kids because I'm very mature and reliable
Posted November 2, 2022 at 12:24 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see some thumbnails! Including next week's pages if you can figure out wtf is happening there lol

Edited to add: Hey friends! I'll be back on Wednesday with one page for the week of 11/7! I forgot that with the election tomorrow, I really won't have time for comic posting and such. I'll be working the polls all day instead. Please come check back Wednesday for the new page and I should be back to regular schedule next week :)

Like I've said a few times before, I don't think Andrew is necessarily a bad guy, but he's not mature and he's not willing to face the actual responsibility of being a father. I think that's interesting, though, because it's not that uncommon really. I'd say in terms of fathers, Tom might rate a little higher. He's at least been involved with Ella's life even if he is controlling and overbearing and self-obsessed. Meanwhile, Malaya and Vincent's dad is hitting it out of the park lol. Someone has to have good parents, right? Andrew did at least come back around once in awhile to be a dad when he felt like it, so...that's good I guess? Better than nothing lol. Anyway, this scene is done next week :) 


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