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Elias is definitely The New Guy
Posted January 3, 2018 at 12:19 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel I sketched out for next week, furthering the narrative that Elias is not used to this situation. Well, this page turned out...brown? I guess it's cozy looking, at least. Most of the backgrounds in this comic end up being trees, so it's always a struggle when I have to draw the coffee shop again. I put those big ass windows there so at least there'd be a reliable light source to frame everyone against so they wouldn't get immediately lost in the backgrounds. The red aprons are working out better, I think. They vibe with the color scheme better. Running around! Chaos! Food services! There's a reason I avoided waitressing over the years. The tips add up to some decent money for a part time gig, but it's a physically strenuous job if there ever was one. The best paying job I've ever had was in IT, and I got paid mostly to fix things IF they went wrong. So if nothing went wrong, which it often didn't, I just sat around. I ended up killing time by playing Farmville, until my farm had gotten so large that it kept crashing my browser. I was a very dedicated worker >_>. I did what I could to keep myself occupied at that job, but there honestly wasn't much to it when there weren't fires to put out. But still! I think a lot of times, lower paid jobs end up being much more physical and actually require a lot more WORK than higher paid jobs. When I worked retail, there honestly was almost no downtime in an average work day. Eight hours flew by, because I was busting ass the whole time. I slept well, though. There's something very satisfying about being physically exhausted. Next week, we'll explore Elias's feelings on all this running around, and Charlene faces down evil ceramics! This is a normal comic about werewolves. In life news, I finally got to see The Last Jedi yesterday! I have mixed feelings. I liked a lot of it, I didn't like some of it. It definitely felt like the middle movie of a trilogy, which I guess is good, because that's what it is >_>. Then I had a very underwhelming dinner, because the vegetarian option where we went *sounded* good, but it was kind of a squishy mess. I'm not sure how you mess up vegetarian enchiladas, but it probably has something to do with being one of those American fusion cuisine places instead of like, an actual Mexican restaurant.