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The mug is full of secrets
Posted January 9, 2018 at 12:35 pm
Vote over at Top Web Comics and you can see the sketch version of the Issue 1 cover, which is the third time I've drawn it, so you know it's good now. There's Miguel! Look, an additional person who works here. My backstory for him is that he's been working at the cafe as the cook since Mal's dad opened it, so they're BFFs. Miguel calls all the shots in the back of house until he goes home for the day, and then someone else has to run the kitchen until close. He hears the talk about werewolves, but assumes everyone is just big into some weird video game, and he's not super concerned about it anyway. He's a very friendly guy, but you better not mess around if he's supervising you. Good thing I chose to make that mug yellow, because that's about the only color I don't normally use, so it stands out really nicely. I kind of hate yellow? Even though my bedroom is yellow, so go figure. I've been busting ass trying to get ahead of the game for upcoming pages, because my life is like a nonstop thrill ride til...June? And by thrill ride, I mean that I'm expected to actually leave the house on a regular basis and I disapprove. I've gotten pretty involved in my local political scene, and while it feels good to be doing something, it's still a bunch of events and meetings I have to attend (I have three this week!). Then I have to go visit a friend in Texas next month. And I'm trying to buckle down and get stuff done for C2E2 in April. At least I'm good at planning ahead O_O. Soooo I'm gonna go back to busting ass today so I can do nothing later on tonight yay!