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Ella is having a DAY
Posted June 21, 2022 at 9:30 am

No vote incentive because I don't feel like scheduling one while I'm on vacation lol. 

I like pages where I can have little to no dialog to tell the story. Kind of the best part about making a comic, honestly! I don't have to use words if I don't need them, I can just show you pictures. In this instance, I wanted to show Malaya using "soft power" compared to Tom's blatant aggression. She knows Ella is just a kid (she's 18, a little younger than Ginger, and 7 years younger than her half-sister Aubrey), and Mal knows that she's off living in the woods or something, and the vibes are depressing. So, Malaya does what she's always done, which is remain cautious about this new person while also offering a bit of safety and comfort if they need it. Luckily, a little soft power goes a long way. 

I'm off in the deep South, hanging out with the family, so I'll try to keep an eye on comments. Please alert me through Twitter or something if anything needs immediate attention, though! (That goes for always tbh.) Oh, and if you'd like to brush up on all the characters that we've introduced so far, the Wiki linked below has been a great resource. Thanks to everyone who helps out!


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