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I've drawn so many more yard maintenance tools for this comic than I ever planned on.
Posted June 22, 2022 at 9:30 am

Vincent and his dad finally have an actual conversation! Look, Vincent was kidnapped the last time we saw their dad for any significant time, so there hasn't been many opportunities. I like writing the Walters parents, because they mean well, but given the circumstances, they've also ended up keeping both of their kids a little too close to home for longer than they probably would have if werewolf-y things weren't involved, which has left both of them really enmeshed in their family and reluctant to strike out on their own. The Walters parents are late to having to adapt to their kids leaving the house at some point, and I wanted to address that possibility and also Elliot's perspective on handling parenting a werewolf. 

I'm off in the deep South, hanging out with the family, so I'll try to keep an eye on comments. Please alert me through Twitter or something if anything needs immediate attention, though! (That goes for always tbh.) Oh, and if you'd like to brush up on all the characters that we've introduced so far, the Wiki linked below has been a great resource. Thanks to everyone who helps out!


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