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End of chapter 5!
Posted April 13, 2016 at 1:36 pm
First off, as usual, vote for me! And maybe I'll get a button for that up at some point. I will. I'm lazy and I have yard work I have to get to first :D. But I appreciate your efforts! So, Vincent is having a bad day. He dropped his keys! His phone screen is all messed up now. I don't know, he was kidnapped or whatever...maybe had a test he had to study for. Bad day! Maybe tomorrow will be better. Or not! It's hard to say...When you've been kidnapped by a mysterious hand. I liked everyone's theories from yesterday, though! I think some of you are overestimating how bad ass Vincent is lol. He's tough looking, but in reality, he's kind of a cupcake. And he's only 20, so he's actually the baby of this story. Vincent isn't much different than Malaya, just with fewer words and an inability to smile convincingly. And as you can probably imagine, Malaya is going to have a lot of feelings related to this page. Yay chapter 6! (Elias is also going to have a lot of feelings for various reasons. Yay chapter 6!) The cover for chapter 6 is almost done! Just gotta slap some words on it. (I am a graphic designer for real people money, so that at least is the easy part.) I'll be putting it up on Patreon...tomorrow? Today? I'm not sure. Then probably Tumblr over the weekend and then here on Monday. Just to screw with you guys! Or to make you look at the same thing in multiple places, whatev. So, I'm gonna eat breakfast and then the rest of my day is...the gym and yard work. YAY. I don't have a huge yard like some people in the midwest, but I've got the biggest lot on my block and it's a corner lot, so I've got a lot of leaves to rake out of corners they don't belong in :|. I think this year I've finally hit my limit for dicking around with flowers that hate me, so I'm going to stick with whatever already looks pretty happy, and just multiply those around the yard until my flower beds are filled. My yard is mostly shade, so I go hard with the good old standbys. Lots of hostas, lots of coral bells...I'm going to throw in some hydrangeas to take up some space and fill in some gaps with black-eyed susans and call it a day. I keep trying to grow English lavender and it's not working. I don't have the sun for it :(. So I have lots of tiny lavender plants! I have one corner in the backyard where my roses are happy, so I guess that's all the roses I'm going to have. I really enjoy gardening, I just wish I had a setup where more things grew well in my yard. But...I wouldn't trade all the giant trees around my house to have more flowers, so I guess it's a draw. Now that winter is over, all my nice weather hobbies are going to encroach on my "sitting inside drawing" hobbies lol. If you ever wonder, hey, why doesn't she draw more...thaaaat's why. I also have a small walkway I have to dig out and finish laying pavers for...that I started last year...but kind of the year before really...uuuuugh. Never buy a house, friends.