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Chapter 6: What I left behind.
Posted April 18, 2016 at 5:25 pm
Chapter 6 starts tomorrow! Sweeeeeet. I like that point where your art skills are leveling up, and your ability starts to catch up with what you visualize in your head. The only downside is, until your skill catches up to your brain, it's very frustrating. Like, there have been so many things that I've wanted to just scrap altogether in the last couple months, but I finally broke through that and I'm pretty happy with my skill level at the moment. Give me a few months and I'll be all pissy again :). I did most of this in Manga Studio 5, which is frankly the best art program I've ever used and it has my undying loyalty at this point. So, as you might imagine, shit is gonna go down in this chapter. I've mentioned it a few times as we go along, but I don't like fight scenes that don't have a purpose. It looks cool when werewolves beat each other up, sure, but it's 10x cooler when there's some real emotion behind those punches. Almost everyone is going to get their emotions dragged through the coals, so look forward to that! There's a couple moments in this chapter that I've looked forward to drawing and sharing with you guys since I started this comic, so that's going to feel awesome. This chapter is probably going to be rather long. I have no idea how long, because I'll be 110% honest that I haven't written much of it yet >_>. Oops. At this point, I write ahead enough to know where things are going, I jot down what scenes are going to happen and in what general order, and then I write as I go along. I don't recommend it! But it works very well for me. I make so many changes, and insert so many scenes as I work, that overall, writing the whole chapter at once is just a waste of time. I make a lot of changes based on the feedback I get in the comments, actually. Pretty much anytime someone is confused about a character's reaction, or what happened on a page, or how another character is effected by the story who isn't featured at that point, that's an opportunity for me to look and judge whether more information or context is needed to sell what I'm trying to get across at any given time. I like reading things that drag me along, where I can't help but keep reading because I'm putting the pieces together in my head and getting excited at the possibilities as the story unfolds. That's what I'm aiming for as a writer, too! So, in the end, I do know where all this is going. Every time I worry that I might be out of ideas for this story and these characters, something else comes along and I'm like...yeah, okay, I'll be writing and drawing this until I'm old. That's fine. But, I'm not going to write things down, word for word, because I like the ability to insert and change things on the fly if that means I'm telling a better story :D.