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Every day is Halloween when you're making a comic about werewolves!
Posted October 31, 2017 at 2:19 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see...a random drawing of Vincent I started last night. Patreon will get the finished inks/colors before everyone else, but I went to bed before I had a chance to post the pencils there. Also, I had to ink his head because I needed to fix the issues in the drawing before I could sleep. Anyway, let's dive into WEREWOLF POLITICS. Just like real life politics, they're complicated, messy, and involve being very aware of your public image. A few people were concerned that Elias was dumb enough to propose that people move closer and give up their lives from last week's page, but I promise he's not that dumb! Usually. It was more of a rhetorical question, though I probably won't have time to clarify that in story. Soooo anyone who doesn't read down here will just assume he's kind of stupid, which is valid lol. So, just like in real life, putting one person (technically two persons, but who knows where Elias's dad is...I know where he is, but it's not important any time soon) in charge of a pack that's increasingly thinning itself out doesn't work well! My general theory is that both Ezra and Maggie aren't suuuper interested in being alphas of these smaller packs, but also recognize that they don't have a lot of options, so you get that slow-going progress that happens when the motivation isn't really there. It'll get done, but you might also go get the oil changed in your car first, or maybe return some library books...contacting pack members doesn't make it to top priority. Maybe that'll evolve in the story somehow! Who knooooows! (I do.) Side note, I like drawing Maggie and she looks like she could beat up anyone. I sort of played it fast and loose designing her ethnically ambiguous husband, but I feel like he'd be a fisherman. Like, he's probably not a fisherman, but that's what he'd really LIKE to do. He was meant to be a fisherman. Happy Halloween! I'm passing out candy and then, I guess...watching TV? Drawing? Who knows. When you're in your 30s, getting people out of the house for Halloween things ends up really difficult, because realistically, your friend group is fractured into lots of little micro-groups, and those people are going to gravitate towards the biggest group they have. If you're me, and the biggest group you have lives in say, Los Angeles, then you just stay home and watch TV and eat the leftover candy you didn't give to children. I think next year, I'll actually throw a party. My house should theoretically be finished enough. But I'm going to do this shit right and plan my party for TWO weekends before Halloween, because I feel like that eliminates the reasons people wouldn't come. I know my life. I know I will not be the most hoppin' party people can choose from. My party will probably involve board games and conversation and snacks. But I also know that people don't like to pass up an opportunity to dress up multiple times leading up to Halloween, so I'll have a good start. (The reality is that I'll probably end up having to plan a much more elaborate Halloween party for the local Democrats, because next year is kind of a big deal. That'll be fun, though.) Okay, off to try and stop myself from eating more candy!