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Posted November 1, 2017 at 2:03 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see some thumbnails from this and last week's pages! Also, I won the Halloween contest I think? That's super cool! Thanks for liking and sharing my drawing everyone :) I promise Elias isn't dumb lol. There'll be some clarity next week as to why he wouldn't inherently know these things, but the short version is, his role in the pack is a lot different than Sara's has been. He's been more of an ambassador, meant to present the best face of the pack to other groups around Michigan. This isn't his wheelhouse. Theoretically, he'd be trained up into this eventually, just in case, but his older siblings are more suited to leadership right now because their lives are more settled. Anyway, if you're noticing a theme that things are rather unbalanced in werewolf-land, then you're paying attention! Good job. Gotta have balance. Werewolf raised by humans shoves down her werewolf side and ends up with terrible anxiety, werewolf raised by werewolves is so integrated into his pack that he's not sure how to have agency as an individual. Fun! This is a fun story. But that just means everyone has places to go and growing to do :). Halloween was good! The children took all my candy but a few pieces, so that worked out well. Now, it's time to go buy up all the discount candy!